Girls On Display

girl with camera pic

We live in a world that says, “If you take it off, you will be worth more.”

I cringe at the photographs of women throwing away their worth and I want so much more for them. They are a gift, their bodies are a gift, and yet they are cheaply on display.

It’s just all out there, all of it, every airbrushed inch of false perfection.

One day beauty will fade for these girls on display and then what?




Dang, they are missing it. We all are. Why do we complain about a temple that God designed? Why do we kick against our gifts longing to have what someone else has?

Why do we waste time and frown at the image in the mirror when we were made in the very likeness of our creator?

We don’t have to take it off to be worth more, but with the careful removal of all the wrong thoughts about our bodies and unrealistic standards, maybe we can start to look at each flaw as the perfect gift. Our body is a temple, not a garbage dump.

I remember the days when I had a better body and a messed up heart. I’ll take the one I have now, for it is a gift stretched out and I like this version of me better. A body that has seen change and heartache; it’s birthed both death and life.

Our words also birth both life or death, so what is coming out of our mouths?

I’m concerned that we are sending the wrong message.

My daughters are listening when I criticize the very thing that brought them into the world. And when I look at myself and hate the adult acne that I have now instead of looking at the smile that lights up their little world, I rob them of their tomorrow. The tomorrow that will find them aging and changing…and I hope somehow that I can model what it means to welcome the wisdom with the creases that show that I have laughed and loved and cried and lived life to the fullest.

We focus on the flaws, instead of the smile and the eyes that tell a beautiful story.

So let the criticizing camera lense zoom out of focus and for just one minute, look at yourself through different, clearer eyes.

I want to teach my daughters how to celebrate each season of change, that aging is not a curse but a gift. And do to this I have to start with my words and how I speak about and view myself.

Your worth is not wrapped up in a size.

Your worth:

A mirror cannot show you it.

A man cannot assure you of it.

A magazine cannot strip you of it.

Your past cannot deny you of it.

“Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward.” (Hebrews 10:35 ESV) 

Our confidence cannot be stolen or taken from us. We have to give it away, or like this scripture says we can actually “throw it away”.

Our insecurity is not humility. Our confidence and security doesn’t come from fitting into a certain size or having everything in the right place, it’s found in the contents of our heart.

And to the girls on display, you are beautiful but put your dang clothes on. You are worth so much more than this.


Jennifer Renee