If You Quit

Sometimes we don't know what is next so

I am at one of those fork-in-the-road moments, two roads, both equally good yet polar opposites. Both are projects that I believe in, but one is a complete question mark because I’m just not sure. One project is completely tailor made for my journey and for other women on their journey. And the other is a project that taps into my creative side.

I am rewriting and cutting things out in one project, while the other I am adding layers and depth to it as I explore different ideas.

I keep sifting through these projects that are pieces of my heart wondering if one of them has an expiration date on it. I have spent some time wondering if it’s time to move on, shake hands and remain friends with it but no longer invest my time on it.

It wasn’t a waste of time, I’m sure of it. Every effort that I poured into my season of becoming has made me better. Like clay taking shape in the potter’s hands, softening and taking the form of a vessel that can actually hold something. I’ve been in that stretching, bending place. I’ve seen my faith take deeper roots in seasons of question marks and transition.

Sometimes we don’t know what is next so we just take one obedient footstep after the other. Maybe it’s not the fast moving progress that we all prefer, but it’s something. I’ve rushed a few things and have only regretted it.

I keep asking myself if this is just fear. Fear that my work is trash and that every other page is excessively wordy without really saying anything of value. But, what if I’m afraid to finish this thing?

Writing ‘The End’ isn’t the death of something; it’s just the beginning of something else.

The other day I was watching The Voice. One contestant had been told no and was devastated in front of millions of viewers. Pharell, one of the judges, said something profound to this person who didn’t make the cut. He said, “If you stop now, then the ‘no’ was right.”

If we stop now and quit, then all the no’s are right.

The shut door could be the ‘not yet, but keep working’ or it could be the walking away moment where you realize that it just wasn’t meant to be. So, you move on to embrace a better dream that actually fits you and your talents.

Sometimes that really hard thing is the right thing and we have to fight harder for it.

I’m convinced that we need to become better at waiting.

Doors shut, doors open, and each time it serves a purpose in character building. Learning to wait is vital in all of this. Being told no is only for our good, but so is the refusal to give up.

So many no’s have been a complete gift to me and the yeses have been surprisingly scary.

That thing that God has called you to do is scary. I get that. But, it should scare us more to be disobedient and quit.

“For God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.” (Romans 11:29 NIV)

God has given you something special; it’s up to you to use it. Do that thing that scares you. Let the door close. Let them say no and cry about it if you need to. And then get back at it and take that next obedient step. His calling on you is unchangeable and reachable if you lean on God every step of the way.

Much love to you!

Jennifer Renee

And because I absolutely love Pharell, I thought I would include this clip.