Unraveling Grace & A Blog Hop

Sweet friends, I was so thrilled when Katie Reid contacted me months ago and asked me to share my story with her readers. I’m not always able to say yes because of my work schedule right now, but Katie was an easy, quick YES! I think she’s incredibly special and that you will love her writing!  You can find Katie Here 


“It’s now or later…how long do you want to suffer? I would never recommend this surgery to a thirty-one-year-old unless it was needed.” I nodded; still scared to death as he set the date and I emotionally ran away. With several staged interventions of loved ones and friends, I folded again and surrendered to the cutting of surgery and process of healing afterwards. But, I wasn’t ready for the fear that was surfacing and the nightmares that happened as I drifted off to sleep. This peaceful sleeper began to fight and scream with terrors. My husband would rush to my side and one time had to physically pick me up and put me back in the bed. We were both terrified and knew this was not normal for me. I was running scared even in my sleep. I was a rag doll who needed to be fixed with torn places no one could see, both on my heart and in body. You can read the rest of my story here at Echoes Of My Heart