I Used To Be Fun On Friday

tired girl

I used to be fun on Friday, I really did. I always had something on the calendar and something fun to look forward to.

But..I’m tired now, or at least I’m 99.8% sure I will be tonight.

Seriously, someone asked me what my favorite part of the day was and I said, “When I’m not wearing pants.” I actually said that out loud with absolutely no shame at all.

I rush home from work and change out of my “business casual” clothes to my “you couldn’t even wear this to shop at Wal-mart” clothes and feel completely fine with that. No- I’m not just fine with that…I stinking love it.

Last Friday I wasn’t lame, I actually went out with a group of my writer friends who are ALL introverts. All of them. I told them about my friend, Renee, and our idea for “I Used to Be Fun On Friday” and they were all like, “Me too. I used to be fun..” Which I already knew because some of them back out on our “fun” nights to make out with a gallon of ice cream. I get it, sister, you are completely off the hook.

So, my introverted writer friends and I decided every Friday of the month we are going to get together and be fun. Why? Because we love each other, we need our weirdo tribe, and we have so much to offer each other and sometimes we forget that.

I’m teaming up with my soul sister, Renee, to chat about aging and introverting and all the reasons why we should embrace it, but also to encourage all of us to take time for those life-giving relationships. You really can make a date and break up with your pajamas for one night.

I’m done with saying I’m tired all the time, although I probably still will. But, somehow I want to replace it with how I feel about my life…I love it. I love my lame days and my fun days and even my all-the-way-jacked-up days because they are mine and they are a gift.

I thought every Friday we would post something completely ridiculous, and by that I mean completely awesome and awkward and something a little less bloggy.

We do have a reason to get together with our friends and celebrate, so I’m going to get creative and challenge y’all to do the same.

A word from my fabulous friend, Renee Griffin