Survival Strategy For The School Year

I wrote this for my daughter last year and was blown away by the response from parents and friends who feel really alone, lost in the labels, and even a diagnosis that leaves tearful questions marks. This is my only strategy, to keep trying to figure this out with my girl and fight for her instead of with her. 




To the brave girl who tries,


I watched you struggle last night, wrestling with numbers while your daddy tried not to pull what’s left of his hair out. You were tired, we were all tired. So, when your dad told you to walk around the house to get the blood pumping my heart sank. I looked at your defeated face and said, “I know how this feels and I know you can do this.”


This morning you melted into me when I woke you up, the time told me to rush but my heart told me to slow down and almost stopped when you asked me to hold you. Time could wait, so I wrapped you up and held you for as long as I could. Later I put curls in your hair and let you put on some of my lipstick for picture day.

You told me that I could do anything- curl hair, work a job, and listed off a few other things you think are cool. Some days I feel like that’s true, but most of the time I just feel like I’m forgetting everything. But, I try. That’s our superpower, to try even when we feel like giving up.


You feel like you are less than your classmates because you wrestle with words and numbers, but one day the things that you wrestle with and slow you down will be the things that empower you the most to be who God created you to be. Those struggles, baby girl, are your tools and your superpower. Your bravest act will be to keep trying.



Hang in there, you are not alone in this.



Much love,



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