When Your Baggage Becomes A Platform


I think some of our junk might be the best thing that has ever happened to us.


Call me crazy, it definitely wouldn’t be the first time.


I have learned that some of our worst moments usher in some of our best moments. Looking back at what hardships and unnecessary baggage has developed inside of me, I live better and lighter. It looks like freedom and letting go. My unsteady steps became stronger steps. My timid start became a confident middle as I live my unfinished story. Yes, we all have baggage, but we sure as heck don’t have to carry it around for the rest of our lives.


Baggage becomes a platform.


Heartache becomes heroism.


Fearfulness gives way to fearlessness and a freedom with not knowing what is next but trusting the God that orders our steps and our starts and our temporary pauses. He knows the beginning from the end and He is not done with you.


The most messed up girls make useful tools for God because they know what a hot-mess they were before Jesus rearranged their broken space.



They live dependent on the God who strengthens them.


They have traded their codependency on others, and the many people who have drifted in and out of their lives, for a security in Christ alone. They have tried to look the part with perfect hair and a cute outfit while falling apart on the inside, frayed at the seams. We have all been nothing short of a big faker, but just look at how far we have come! The beautiful thing is that we are still in the process of becoming and the things that used to weigh us down have been put in their proper place, at the foot of the Cross where we all stand on level footing. When we believe that the Word of God is true, we must believe each freeing word is for us. The enemy is so quick to show us where we have been, but the promise of God is the forward motion of following one obedient footprint after the other. Step-by-step we look a little less like us and a little more like Christ.

If it wasn’t for a mother load of baggage, I wouldn’t know how big God can be in and through me. I’ve let go of so much and worn out the words “I forgive you” and “Please, forgive me.” Those three words have been a catalyst for the right kind of lasting change. I will never be perfect, but I will never stop being perfectly forgiven. Stripes on a perfect, sinless back paid it all for you and me. When I carry my shame I forsake the power of the cross and the purchase of my pardon.

If it wasn’t for all the times I fell flat on my face, I wouldn’t know how great standing up feels. I am an overcomer, not a baggage carrier. I travel light and you can too. If I hadn’t experienced the pit of depression, there would be no way for me to measure my joy. All of this junk we have carried might just be the best thing that has ever happened to us.

We become less needy for the affirmation of others when we find our confidence in Christ. We become less troubled by the hurtful words that are hurled at us when we measure who we are in the frame of who God has fashioned us to be. We stop trying to measure up and start making the most of our days. We mess up. We fall apart. And we trust that God can continue to make beauty from the messiness of us. This process is never really finished and so we press on.

Keep pressing on.


Much love to you,

Jennifer Renee

And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. (1 Peter 5:10)



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