The Broken Way & A Giveaway!

“…maybe you can live a full and beautiful life in spite of the great and terrible moments that will happen right inside of you. Actually – maybe you get to become more abundant because of those moments.” ~Ann Voskamp, The Broken Way




I flipped through the pages slowly, almost carefully, as I soaked in each word of Ann Voskamp’s new book The Broken Way. As a recovering broken girl  I immediately felt a kindred connection to the heart of this writer bleeding on pages and trying to make sense of the fragile places inside of each one of us.


We are all asking these same, broken questions and some of us carry the weight of our “unspoken broken” like a secret we are too afraid to give breath to.


Can brokenness really lead the way to an abundant life? For me it absolutely, and painfully, has.



I felt the tug and wrestle inside of each page and I get it. Brokenness I get. I have felt the shame-bully taunting me in my broken moments, pointing its finger and shaking its head. But, I have moved far beyond shame to surrender. And, in that surrendered space I thrive. I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today without the gutsy faith that believes that brokenness has been, and will always be, the very best place to begin again.



“Wounds can be openings to the beauty in us. And our weaknesses can be a container for God’s glory.” ~The Broken Way


We are all a little bit broken, some of us in certain seasons are more broken and busted than we prefer, but this is when God is ever so near and we are desperately willing and eager to reach out to Him. We learn to lean on our Savior with scars. We learn that we are not alone. We learn that we can be both wounded and mighty useful.


This book is beautiful, vulnerable, and hopeful. Like Voskamp, I wholeheartedly say heck-to-the-yes our weaknesses can be a container for the glory of God. All of those moments of weakness give our God a really good opportunity to be big and strong inside of us.


We can truly open our hearts to love even when our hearts are wrecked and give from an abundant place even when we feel the ache of lack.


“Miracles happen in the breaking.”


This book wasn’t about “fixing” our brokenness at all, but leaning into it and looking for those miracles in the breaking. And maybe, just maybe, even realize that we are that living, breathing miracles living a pretty amazing, abundant life…even if we are slightly jacked up at times.


For me, The Broken Way isn’t a quick read or a one-time read. I will read this again. You read it slowly to savor it and find the brave space to respond to the promptings by pouring out your heart to the God who gets us- the brave and busted and often broken. We are all traveling in and out of seasons of brokenness, maybe we can be gutsy girls willing and wide-eyed at the thought that wholeness and abundance isn’t for those who appear perfectly put together, but for those in the process of mending by spending ourselves generously for the cause of Christ.


Live, love, break and be brave enough to let others really love you. Don’t be afraid to explore your brokenness.


So much love to you,


Jennifer Renee



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  1. Still trying to learn that beauty can actually come from ashes. Sounds like a book i need to get my hands on (and perhaps a great book to consider for my small group at church!)!!

  2. Completely broken right now…and I know this is the way for God’s light to come shining through. I just have to wait. Wait for the light to start shining in the darkness.

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