Unrestricted Summer Video

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Hey, Tribe!

Yesterday I posted a quick video to share my heart with you. (To watch click on the link or head over to my Facebook page here.) I took some time to read through the comments again and pray for you. Instead of a scheduled broadcast, I was spontaneous…mainly because my friend, Renee, was cheering me on and gave me that little kick in my pants to say, “Hey, we are waiting on you…”


Do what God has called you to do. 

Ministry is my thing. Face-to-face connection is my sweet-spot. And, you guys are my people, seriously. So why was I so hesitant? Because the devil is a punk and when you are chatting it up about insecurity…you are bound to feel the old traces of who you used to be surface. But, I’m not that girl anymore and I have better tools.

Freedom in Christ is a powerful thing that changes the way we approach and tackle life.  For one brief second, that fear surfaced. But now the word is my source- not my feelings that sometimes resemble that suicidal squirrel trying to decide if it’s going to cross the road.

Funny enough, I felt right at home sharing my heart with my tribe of gutsy girls who are breaking free this summer from old thoughts and habits. Girls, that is powerful! I am so excited for you. I’m truly, deeply honored for the way you have opened up and shared the hard things you are facing with everyone through comments on the blog or on our Facebook page, and some through private messages and emails.

Thank you for being you- real, vulnerable, and ready to have the best, unstuck Summer of your life.

So much love to all of you!! Thanks for hanging out with me.


Looking forward to next week’s topic and a giveaway! Praying for you!



2 thoughts on “Unrestricted Summer Video

  1. So thrilled Rene motivated you to post yesterday! It lifted me out of my own insecurity doldrums! …Ironically, because you admitted being lured back into your old insecurities!

    Vulnerability is powerful and how God connects us and with us! Love you for sharing your heart struggles with us. This girl is shouting “Me too!”

  2. Jennifer
    thank you helping me I could see video on website keep me in prayers
    I have song tribe listen too new
    Hillsong United song called Wonder

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