You Are More Than Enough

People, even good ones, will discredit what you have to offer. We could fault them for it, but they do the same things to themselves.

One boy with one lunch and 5,000 hungry mouths to feed.

Phillip, a man of God and disciple, looked at his pocket change and called it “not enough” and insufficient.

Then he looked at the boy’s lunch, five barley loaves, and two fishes and he called it not enough.

“…but, what are they among so many?”

But one boy gave it all as a willing offering.

It never looks like much. The small things we hold in our hands, the ways we dismiss God’s greater plan because we are running on empty, shorthanded, and often shortchanged. Carrying around our pocket full of small limited by our belief that we are living in a place of not enough.

We size up our offerings, even casing it aside, or dismissing it altogether.

But, not our Jesus. He takes small and multiplies it. He takes lack and turns it into abundance.

He gave thanks for the broken bread that would feed hungry hearts. Later they gathered up the fragments of “more than enough” so that nothing was lost. Small is where God shows up and becomes the more we long for.

The widow with her small cakes and a son and hungry prophet.

The wedding and stressed out mother-of-the-bride who just ran out of wine.

They saw the lack and they felt it, just like we do. We see the impossible and declare it a disaster and disappointment. But, God sees something far beyond our lack and meets our needs. Sometimes not in the way we choose, but always in the way that we need.

It’s not lacking at all, it’s the dance floor at the best party ever thrown.

It’s not just a brown paper sack with a cold lunch, it’s a feast that satisfies thousands, with loads leftovers.

Jesus took the loaves of bread and multiplied it. From one person’s small offering a multitude was fed and even more was leftover.

God is in the “not enough” business and he wants to do the same thing with you. Don’t look at empty pockets and empty hands, reach out with eager hands in faith trusting they will be filled and they will be useful.

He is not the God of empty promises, he is a God that delivers. He is more than enough and he wants what you have to offer. Jesus is good at taking broken things and not enough to nurture needy hearts. Most of the time, he asks the one running on empty for their greatest sacrifice of obedience knowing that will be the most sustaining, life-giving miracle they need the most. To give yourself away. The gift of giving it all while doubting that it’s enough. We all feel the heaviness that comes from smallness, but God stretches our small and reminds us that his faithfulness never runs out.

So much love to you,

Jennifer Renee


Inspired by John 6:1-14

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  1. I am so, so grateful that God’s faithfulness never runs out and that He fills our “not enough!” You have encouraged my fainting, insecure heart today, Jennifer. Thank you so much. Blessings, love and hugs!

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