Breakthrough & SAVE THE DATE

I am simplifying my life. It has been wonderful. It’s little things like deleting LinkedIn and even deleting a few people and connections on social media that have repeatedly broken trust and bashed people that I love. I know this world is not nice and I try hard to be kind and loving, but it’s super important to unsubscribe from unnecessary drama. If that means “friends” and even family have “deleted me” then I’m really all for it.

I want people to experience lasting freedom and breakthrough spiritually. When you see the picture of *that* person pop up in your feed, you have to deal with all the things that flood your heart. Whether it’s lust, regret, or just being ticked off. If that means forgiving someone a million times until it sticks, do it for your heart. If it means forgiving yourself. Do it. Release it. Move on. Don’t be a victim or invite a victim mentality to become how you process everything. You are stronger than you think. Your heart is worthy of protecting.

We can love people face-to-face in a way that brings God glory and heals old wounds. You can be the hands and feet of Jesus to this world without having everyone like you and follow you. Being a real friend is more important than anything. Invest in those life-giving friendships and relationships. Partner with people who are truth-speakers and not pot-stirrers.

If you are a leader and no one is following, it might not be the followers’ fault. If I am speaking and everyone wants to hit the mute button, that’s on me. But, that’s also cool with me. Seriously. Be loyal. Be real. Be kind. Heal. Love. Forgive. Repeat. And, if you need to…delete delete delete. You are precious. You are worth it. You are enough. Guard that heart of yours, okay, but love yourself enough to take walls down that have kept you isolated from the right people.

A friend of mine shared a quote with me: “To know you is to love you and if they don’t love you, then they don’t know you.” Maybe they don’t know you, maybe they do. Maybe you don’t know you, or don’t even know how to love yourself. Maybe it’s time to try again.

Repeat after me: I’m not a big deal, but I’m a big deal to God and to the people who love me.

Amen and amen.

Love you fiercely and I mean it,

Jennifer Renee

I am SO excited to be hosting our first Tribal Night at my home church, Bella Vista Assembly of God March 23rd, 6-8 PM

Mentoring is a passion of mine and I believe there is nothing like connecting with people who sharpen you in your faith and daily walk with the Lord! Join us for a night of worship, word, mentoring panel discussion with Jennifer & friends! The event is free!

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3 thoughts on “Breakthrough & SAVE THE DATE

  1. Jennifer
    I was trying find out more about event to reserve ticket where you live went eventbrite had me join do password everything then blank did where I live which Im not interested in looking MY AREA WHERE I live when I SEARCHED YOUR NAME it wouldn’t go your screen even when put your name and Breakthrough
    I don’t live close Im in PA want find out more information and reserve ticket can email me email address below help me

    1. Hi, Brenda! This event is in Bella Vista, AR. I have ladies traveling out-of-state to join us, but they live close enough to come and are traveling in a group for one night. This is my first time using EventBrite, it just keeps the event organized and saves me some work having to email and manage multiple websites, etc. I will be posting more info for women who will be traveling to come to this with hotel info and such! Blessings!

  2. I am so glad it is time for this to come in your life. It has been such a joy watching your journey!

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