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“What are your guidelines, so to speak, for Women’s ministry and mentoring?”

To support women to their face and behind their backs. Two-sided mentoring, where women give and not just take. Where you look at that younger woman fully convinced she has just as much to offer you and you have so much to offer her as well. Be confident in that. You listen, really listen. You are positive and kind, that you make deposits before you make withdrawals.
Where you are drawn to the older-than-you woman who is wiser and smarter than you…and you listen to her. Glean from her and remind her why her voice is one other women like you need to hear. Celebrate her, don’t you dare phase her out. You need her more than ever.

I’m so over gossip as prayer requests. Let’s call it what it is and call it out. We all need to be better at this. Let’s give men a reason to stop calling women “crazy.” And, if by chance, we are acting crazy…ask yourself if it’s because we are mad and fed up because the wrong voices are magnified and loud while we’ve been quiet, slow to speak, and have been taught to play it safe and small instead of starting a fire-filled revival where hearts are changed and women are safe instead of walking targets. Get mad and fight for your girls, not with them.
You speak the truth in love because you know you are loved and you want to love well…not to prove a point or be in the right.

Biblical mentoring- Titus 2:3-5, stuff. It’s so simple, really, and basic. And yet it’s been complicated with “shoulds” and personal preference and to tell you the truth…I’ve hated it sometimes and wanted nothing to do with it. Women crave connection, let’s make sure it’s godly and healthy instead of worldly and toxic. Godly and toxic don’t go together because the fruits of the Spirit are beautiful and lovely and warm and inviting.

Lead with honesty, integrity, and vulnerability. Go back to the basics. Free your heart from frustration with the older or younger generation, none of us truly know everything and that’s okay because we are following the One who does. Jesus never, ever talked down to women. Ever. He praised the Gentile woman for her crumb-hungry faith and answered her prayers and healed her daughter. (Matt 15:28)

Mary Demuth said, “Good community heals bad community.”

Women’s ministry is supposed to be the good community that heals the bad, not the other way around.

Sure, I’m 41 and fiery, I’ve been told that many times before. I’ll charge hell with a water pistol, sure. But, I’ve also been the held-back one, shy and scared to look you in the eye because I know what abuse looks like and I know when I feel safe.

If you have lost your fire, I’ll share some of mine with you. If you’ve forgotten what you have to offer and that we all need you, I’ll be the first one in line to remind you.

But, if you are a mean girl…heal first before you try to lead others. Please heal, please let God do the work that only He can do inside of you. We need you and we need you whole. You are not a lost cause, you’re ready for something new and for God to do a new thing in you.

It’s time for women to lead well and create a safe place for other women. You in? Because that’s what women are waiting on. Be soft and strong, Spirit-led and fiery. Be who God called you to be and don’t be scared of what that looks like and if you don’t fit.

You fit. You belong. Believe that.

Love you something fierce,


Jennifer Renee


mother and daughter

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3 thoughts on “Mentoring & Nurturing Hearts

  1. Thank you for your comments today. I couldn’t agree more. No matter our age, we all have something to give to others. We need to fight for each other more now than ever. We need to let the world see Christians in unity and not picking and fussing with each other.

    Thank you so much for these words of wisdom!


  2. Jennifer, I almost flat out yelled an amen when you wrote, “I’m so over gossip as prayer requests.” Me too! That is what turned me off for so many years of being part of a SG. Now I lead two and we cut that stuff out. Love your love-truth of young and old. One of my best friends is 77, I am 52. Thank you for your words. ❤️

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