Beacons of Hope

I absolutely hate the phrase “damaged goods”, especially when referring to ourselves or anyone else.

This is what I believe about issues: When we surrender them to God, we not only open the door to conquering them, but we also unlock the gate to our true purpose in life. Where the enemy of our soul tries to shame us, the power of God wants to shine through us.

We are lights that burn brighter because we have survived the darkest of nights.

We are not what happened to us.

We are not what was spoken over us.

We are not the sum of our past mistakes.

We are not going to become the things we fear the most.

We are loved. Forgiven. Chosen. No more damaged goods talk, okay? Instead, say this:

“I am a child of God.” (John 1:12)

“I will not be condemned by God, I have been set free from the law of sin and death.” (Romans 8:1-2)

“I am God’s workmanship created to produce good works.” (Eph 2:10)

This. This is who you are. Shine bright, baby!

So much love to you,
Jennifer Renee
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6 thoughts on “Beacons of Hope

  1. Thank you so very much for all your words of encouragement and truth. They have helped me more than you know 💜💛💜🤗

  2. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement today. I have gone through so much the past five years and to be reminded that we are not a lost hope is so important. Thanks again. Blessings to you, your family and ministry.

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